Links & Resources

  • City of Santa Barbara Pedestrian Master Plan This document offers a vision of what Santa Barbara’s future will look like for pedestrians and discusses the goals, policies and strategies to get us there.
  • Complete the Streets Complete Streets are streets designed with all users in mind: pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and motorists. A movement is growing to encourage planners, engineers, and designers to build streets that allow for safer movement along and across all our transportation corridors for all citizens.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, For walking basics, solutions and resources, the is full of useful information.
  • Resident’s Guide for Creating Safe Streets (document)
  • Safety Effects of Marked V. Unmarked Sidewalks (document) Often referred to as the Zegeer study for one of its main authors, this is a report for the Federal Highway Administration addressing the issue of marked vs. unmarked crosswalks. Many planners use this report as a guide for the appropriate use of crosswalks.