Santa Barbara Walks

 Walking Wednesdays Tour 

Initiated by a generous grant from the Green Park Foundation, the Santa Barbara Walks program works to make walking safer and more convenient along the South Coast, from Montecito to Goleta, where our residents live, work, shop, play, catch the bus, and go to school.

  • Why do we do it?  No other group specifically advocates for pedestrians in Santa Barbara County.
  • Why is it important?  Because we are all walkers at some point!  We are pedestrians when we walk to the bus stop, to our car, or to the store, work or school.  It affects all of us!
  • What do we want?  We want walking to be safer; more convenient.
  • How do we do it?  We advocate for crosswalks, curb extensions, enhanced lighting, signage and other improvements where needed – Improve routes around schools – Raise awareness for walkers – Advocate for policies (local and federal) that include all modes of transportation.

We have several projects where we promote safe and fun walking in Santa Barbara:

  • Walking Wednesdays – Our free walking tour during the spring and summer months with a new theme and speaker each month. Learn about your community and get some fresh air while you’re doing it!

  • Eastside Walks – Funded by the Fund for Santa Barbara and McCune Foundation, we’ve been advocating for safer walking conditions in the Eastside since January, 2011.

  • Safe Routes for Seniors – Funded by Measure A and the Fund for Santa Barbara, we are advocating for safer walking conditions geared towards seniors and the mobility challenged in Goleta since June, 2012.