Public Meetings


Join us for our free COAST+SBBIKE Public Meetings, where local elected officials, city planners, traffic engineers, and sustainable transportation advocates & professionals present timely local and regional transportation news and updates.

Until COVID-19 gathering restrictions are lifted, our Public Meetings have gone ‘virtual’ via online video/phone conferencing.

We will return to our meeting venue when public health guidelines allow.

(WHEN:  2nd Wednesday, every other month — Noon – 1:00
WHERE:  Historic Hill-Carrillo Adobe Building, 11 E Carrillo Street Santa Barbara)

If you have any additional questions about our Public Meetings, would like to present or have ideas for presenters and topics, please contact us at


No Public Meeting in December


No Public Meeting in November

Thursday, October 21st 4:00 – 5:15
via Video (Click HERE) & Dial-In Conference
To Join by Phone, dial 1 (669) 900-9128,
Then enter Meeting ID 857 8317 1284 (no password required)

Older Adult Cycling, Mobility, Access and Safety

We’ll be joined by three guest speakers: 

Carol Kachadoorian, with dblTilde Collaborative, has been studying why and how older adults cycle and how to increase safety and access.  She and others at the Mineta Transportation Institute are also conducting the second iteration of the nationwide 50+ Cycling Survey, which everyone is encouraged to take and share with their networks, open now through March, 2022.  Carol will highlight her work with us on Thursday, and has also produced two brief yet informative videos we suggest you view:
Cycling Uphill in the Headwind of Ageism
Cycling Through Age – Exploring the Changing Experiences and Preference of Older Cyclists in the U.S.’

Mr. Steve George, of New Town Goleta Safety, will share an overview of the critical advocacy work he has championed for the senior community with with an emphasis on improved pedestrian safety and access in the Calle Real residential and retail corridor.  COAST+SBBIKE has partnered with New Town Goleta Safety on various initiatives, and Steve’s tireless persistence with Goleta’s Public Works staff has resulted in several valuable safety project installations.

John Seigel-Boettner will round out our afternoon by sharing the wonderful and inspiring work he’s been doing as the leader of Santa Barbara’s chapter of Cycling Without Age, bringing the joy and freedom of cycling mobility to senior ‘passengers’ throughout the South Coast.

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

Wednesday, September 8th 5:00 – 6:00
via Video Conference

A Virtual ‘Happy Hour’ – Let’s Brainstorm Our New Name!

Now that SBBIKE+COAST have merged, we’re also embarking on a strategic planning process and a re-branding of our new organization…including our new name! With so many options, we want to hear your creative ideas for our potential new name, plus any visual inspiration you might have for our new identity:  logo, graphics, colors, etc.  Join us for a special virtual ‘happy hour’ and let’s brainstorm!

We’re looking for a new name that’s memorable, concise and clearly conveys our multimodal mission: ‘to promote walking, bicycling and public transit county-wide to create healthy, sustainable and equitable communities’.  There’s a name out there that does that…help us find it!

Things to keep in mind:
It could be or tie to a meaningful acronym, or not…
It could be a ‘phrase’ or concept that identifies what we do or stand for.
Remember, we are a single county-wide organization. Should “Santa Barbara County” be a part of the name?  Should a word like ‘coalition’, ‘alliance’, ‘group’, ‘partnership’, etc. be included?  And it’s not solely about biking or walking.  Think new, different and holistic, overarching…
How would our new name be reflected in a meaningful website address (acronym or not)?
A few sample name ideas tossed around thus far:
‘S.B. County Streets for People’
‘Transportation for All – Santa Barbara County’
‘Shared Streets Santa Barbara County’ or ‘Santa Barbara County Shared Streets’
‘Move S.B. County!’
‘S.B. County Walk, Bike, Bus, Rail’
Put your thinking caps on and bring your creativity!

No Public Meeting in August

No Public Meeting in July

Special Annual Public Meeting
Thursday, June 17th at 5:30
Live, In Person at SBBIKE’s Bici Centro
& via Video Conference

A special COAST + SBBIKE Public Meeting – In Person at SBBIKE’s Bici Centro!

Finally!  We can get together again, and so we invite you to join us in-person for a happy-hour-edition of our ‘annual membership’ Public Meeting where we’ll reflect back on COAST’s past fiscal year, and share the important news we just can’t keep to ourselves:  our organizational merger!  Be there to enjoy lite happy hour snacks and beverages.  Can’t make it in person?  You can still join us virtually via video.  For their safety, masks are requested for those not yet fully vaccinated.  Entry may be metered based on capacity.

Missed the meeting and the exciting news of our merger with SBBIKE?  Watch the recorded replay here!

May 12th 12:00 – 1:00
via Video Conference

‘SB MTD Proposed Service Changes’ with Hillary Blackerby

Each year, our regional public transit agency, Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (SB MTD), announces proposed service changes to take effect in August as part of its operating budget for the next fiscal year.  With continued ridership and revenue impacts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, SB MTD has had to make some difficult decisions, including continued suspension of some service lines, and recommended termination of the Downtown & Waterfront Shuttles.  SB MTD Planning & Marketing Manager Hillary Blackerby will present the proposed service changes, explain what’s driving them, answer questions and engage in discussion.  Find more details and a community survey (in English & Spanish) here.

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

April 14th 12:00 – 1:00
via Video Conference

‘Bicycle Data Counting & Integrated Flow Solutions’ with Deodaat Boer of Cycledata.

Cycledata in the Netherlands provides automated bike detection systems that not only yield 95% accurate vehicle counting data of bidirectional bicyclist traffic, their I-Signum system can also link to a ‘smart’ traffic signal to promote better bike traffic flow.  Deodatt Boer will join us virtually from the Netherlands to share their solutions, his insight on cycling and mobility, and answer your questions.

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

No Public Meeting in March

February 10th, 2020 12:00 – 1:00
via Video Conference

‘ATP & VMT:  Updates from The County’
The County of Santa Barbara’s Public Works department is in the midst of an update to the County’s Circulation Element, and is embarking upon development of an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) project that will lay out long-range planning goals and policies for pedestrian, bicyclist and other active transportation safety and access improvements in unincorporated areas of the County.  Public Works transportation project manager Mark Friedlander will share the project’s scope and early phase status, then will introduce us to the County’s new Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Calculator Tool to help keep projects in compliance with new CA environmental standards.

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

No Public Meeting in January


No Public Meeting in December

November 11th, 2020 12:00 – 1:00
via Video Conference

‘State Street: Now & The Future’
We’ll receive an important update on the Interim safety and design improvements coming along the State Street Promenade from City of S.B. Transportation Planning & Downtown Parking Manager Rob Dayton and team.  Then we’ll look to the future of Downtown with an overview of the State Street Long Range Visioning outreach efforts currently underway, and the role of the City Council’s State Street Subcommittee, along with Q&A about the Westside and Downtown Community Paseos connection projects.  Spend your Veterans’ Day lunch hour with us!

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

Special Date:
October 21st, 2020 12:00 – 1:00
via Video Conference

“Creativity On Wheels!”
Let’s have some fun at this special edition Public Meeting (note the special date this month) where our guests will share their stories of how they’re being innovative, creative and staying healthy on wheels!  Emilio Rossi of ‘1348 Bikery‘ will talk about his entrepreneurial endeavor that has him rolling in the (sour)dough by bike, and Terrance Brown will give us the retro-funky lowdown on the ‘SB Rollers‘ social meetup group.

September 9th, 2020 12:00 – 1:00
via Video Conference

“Cycle September Overview + Town Hall Discussion:  We’re ALL on State Together!”
Spend lunchtime with us as we welcome SBCAG Traffic Solution’s Kent Epperson & Lori La Riva to share the buzz about ‘Cycle September:’  The Global Bike Challenge.  We’ll then launch into a lively discussion of walking and cycling along the State Street Promenade and thoughts on how to keep State Street Open to ALL.  Bring your ideas!

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

August 12th, 2020 5:00 – 6:00
via Video Conference

COAST’s Annual Membership Meeting – Open to All!
Join us for our annual membership meeting, open to all members and non-members, where we’ll review this past 2019-2020 fiscal year and open up discussion to what the future holds for COAST’s advocacy and educational mission!

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

July 8th, 2020 12:00- 1:00
via Video Conference

Transit Today: Contingencies, Flexibility and Getting Back to Work
For our July Public Meeting we welcome Hillary Blackerby, Planning & Marketing Manager at Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (SB MTD).  As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on public transit ridership and like all of us, SB MTD has had its share of adaptation and adjustment.  Hillary will discuss the current transit climate and what further changes lay ahead for SB MTD’s services, and how they are looking to the community for its feedback.  Transit is an essential element of any well-planned community, so join us for this important discussion!

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

June 10th, 2020
via Video Conference

Sustaining Innovative Solutions for the Future
This month we’re excited to be joined by Michael Schneider of L.A. transportation advocacy organization Streets For All, the City of S.B.’s new Economic Development Manager Jason Harris and Summer Solstice Celebration Executive Director & new Downtown Santa Barbara Interim Executive Director Robin Elander for a lively ‘virtual’ panel discussion.  Robin, Michael and Jason will share their vision and insight on the revitalization of Downtown S.B., State Street and our local economic recovery, with updates and inspiration from the exciting recent developments with ‘Slow Streets’ in L.A.

Missed the meeting?  Watch the recorded replay here!

MAY, 2020 – No Meeting this month

March 11th, 2020

“Celebrate State & Santa Maria Open Streets” with SBCAG Traffic Solutions’ Kent Epperson and Robin Elander of Global Good Impact.  Join us as Kent and Robin share the exciting details of the 2nd Santa Maria Open Streets in March, and CycleMAYnia’s four-day event ‘Celebrate State’.  You’ll want to find out more!

JANUARY 8th, 2020

“San Ysidro Road Roundabout Project Update” with County of S.B. Public Works team (Walter Rubalcava & Chris Sneddon, with Kirsten Ayars of Ayars & Associates).


DECEMBER, 2019 – No Meeting this month

NOVEMBER, 2019 – No Meeting this month

OCTOBER, 2019 – No Meeting this month

SEPTEMBER, 2019 – No Meeting this month

AUGUST, 2019 – No Meeting this month
Viva La Fiesta!

JULY 10 – @Impact Hub State Street
(Atrium Conference Room, upstairs)

  • “City of Santa Barbara Vision Zero Road Safety Projects” with Public Works Principal Transportation Engineer Derrick Bailey.

JUNE 12 – @Santa Barbara Foundation
1111 Chapala St. Suite 200

  • “CycleMAYnia / SM Open Streets WrapUp” with Kent Epperson, Director, SBCAG Traffic Solutions
  • “Another Mission Corridor Perspective” with Lanny Ebenstein and Paulina Conn of the Coalition to Preserve Mission Canyon

MAY 8 – @Impact Hub State Street
(Atrium Conference Room, upstairs)

“COAST’s Annual General Membership Meeting”

Join us as we review our organizational program accomplishments from 2018.  We’ll also open the table for discussion and suggestions for what COAST should focus on in 2019 and beyond.

APRIL 10 – @Impact Hub State Street
(Tech Conference Room, Downstairs)

  • “MTD Proposed Service Changes” with Hillary Blackerby, Interim Planning & Marketing Manager, SB MTD
  • “Mission Corridor Update” with Mission Heritage Trail Association Chair, Fred Sweeney

MARCH 13 – @Impact Hub State Street
(Tech Conference Room, Downstairs)

“City of S.B. Multimodal Transportation Roundup” with Rob Dayton, Transportation & Parking Manager, Jessica Grant, Supervising Transportation Planner and Sam Furtner, Mobility Coordinator

FEBRUARY 13 – @Impact Hub State Street
(State Street Conference Room)

“Measure A Active Transportation Program Grant Cycle 4 Update” with Sarkes Khacheck, Director of Programming, Santa Barbara County Association of Governments

“Measuring Progress Towards Safe, Sustainable Transportation: What Data Should We Collect And Who Should Collect It?”
with Dr. Daniel Fishbein, Epidemiologist and area Data Master
Presentation Powerpoint Slides Can be Found Here

JANUARY 9 – @Impact Hub State Street

“Missing Links in the CA Coastal Trail,” Matt Dobberteen, County of Santa Barbara, Alternative Transportation Manager

“HOPR Bikeshare Update,” Tania Reyes, HOPR, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator



Emerging Transportation Technologies,” Michael Becker, Planning Division Manager, SBCAG


Mission Heritage Trails Association Update,” Tom Jacobs, AIA

Carfree Zones,” Eva Inbar, COAST, Board President


3 Revolutions Conference Recap

Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Change on State Street,” Hal Conklin, former Mayor of Santa Barbara and first Co-Director of the Community Environmental Council


Retimed Pacific Surfliner Train Update“, Scott Spaulding, Rail/Transit Manager, SBCAG

MTD Proposed Service Change Updates,” Hillary Blackerby, Marketing and Community Relations Manager, MTD


Limebike Overview“, Sam Dreiman, Director of Strategic Development , Limebike

Discussion: Opportunities and barriers to shared mobility in the South Coast


COAST Annual General Meeting


“People for Bikes Conference Overview”, Ed France, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

“Places for Bikes Rating System” Dr. Daniel Fishbein, local epidemiologist


“Electric Vehicle Infrastructure & Opportunities in the Santa Barbara Region”, Cameron Gray, Transportation & Climate Specialist, Community Environmental Council

“The Fight to Save SB1,” Joanna Kaufman, Program Director, COAST




“SB1 Projects in the Santa Barbara Region”, Marjie Kirn, Executive Director, SBCAG

HOPR Bike Share,” Ed France, Executive Director, SBBIKE


“Shared Mobility Overview,” Michael Becker, Planning Division Manager, SBCAG

Scooters… What, How, and Why,” Eve Sanford, Government and Community Relations Manager, Spin


“MicroMobility Roundtable”
Let’s talk bikeshare, e-scooters ‘n such


NOTE: Meeting videos for June, 2017 and later can be found on the COAST Blog “Word on the Street.”


Promoting active Transportation in Lompoc,” with Ashley Costa and Emily Casarez, Healthy Lompoc Coalition

Designing a multi modal transportation hub at the Amtrak stop in Goleta,” with Mark Linehan (Wynmark Company)


Shared Economy & Self Driving Cars: Revolution You Can Count On” with Peter Brown, Transportation Planner, City of Santa Barbara Link to Presentation PDF

News from Santa Barbara Car Free,” Krista Nightingale and Lyz Hoffman, Air Pollution Control District and SB Car Free


COAST Membership Open House — COAST’s 2016 accomplishments, board member introductions and discussion for 2017. Link to presentation PDF.

Video of March General Meeting:


Overview and Priorities of SBCAG,” with Marjie Kirn, Executive Director, Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG)

Pacific Surfliner and Peak Hour Service, and Commuter Bus Updates,” Scott Spaulding, Principal Transportation Planner, SBCAG

Fast Forward 2040 (Regional Transportation Plan) Update & Upcoming Year Planning Focus” Michael Becker, Senior Transportation Planner, SBCAG

MAY 10

County Roundabout Updates & Santa Claus Lane Streetscape Project,” with Matt Dobberteen, Transportation Planner, County of Santa Barbara

What’s new with MTD?,” Hillary Blackerby, Marketing & Community Relations Manager, Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transportation District


“County Jurisdiction Hollister Project,” Thomas Park, Walter Rubalcava, Gary Smart, Matt Dobberteen, Allen Bell, County of Santa Barbara link to presentation

Link to meeting video:


Carbon Fees,” with Dennis Allen, Allen Construction and John Kelley, AIA.

For more information about the carbon fee and dividend proposal, visit Citizen’s Climate lobby:

Parking In-Lieu Fees,” with Eve Sanford, Planning and Policy Coordinator, Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

No General Meeting in August

“Notes from Portland,” travel stories with Eva Inbar
“From Bend to Boulder: The Evolution of a Bicycle Advocate,” with Frank Peters

Hollister Complete Streets,” Teresa Lopes, Project Engineer, City of Goleta

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan,” James Winslow, Project Engineer, City of Goleta


Vision Zero Update,” Sara Farrell, Mobility Coordinator, City of Santa Barbara

State Street Update Part II,” Cass Ensberg, FAIA