Jake Boysel Trial

Jake Boysel Trial

The trial of The People versus Ernesto Botello finished jury selection
this afternoon, and the trial itself will begin Tuesday, April 17. The
charge brought by SB County aganst Botello is vehicular manslaughter in
the death of Jake Boysel, the 12-year old bicyclist hit last September.

The trial judge Clifford Anderson, defense attorney Neil Levinson, &
prosecuting attorney Ali Neufer asked numerous questions to prosective
jurors from a jury pool of 100, & many were dismissed for one reason or
another. One of the dismissed women stated that she used to bike with
her 12-year old son to school, but stopped after the Boysel death; she
was excused from duty. Reporters from at least the SB News-Press & SB
Newsroom attended today.

The jury of 12 individuals, 6 men & 6 women, plus 3 alternates were
selected by 5:00 today. Their average age seemed to be about 40 years old.

What impressed me today was the extent with which the legal system in our
democracy goes to obtain a fair, unprejudiced trial. Judge Andeson
stressed that individual jurors may agree or disagree with the law, but
they have to set aside their individual emotions & experiences in
consideration of guilt or innocence of Botello.

Tuesday morning will begin with opening statements by the prosecution,
describing what evidence they will present in the trial. The defense may
or may not offer opening statements. Then the prosecution will proceed
with their case, followed by the defense, closing statements by both
sides, then jury deliberation. If the jury deems Botello guilty, the
judge will administer a sentence on the defendent.

Expected trial dates this week are:

Tuesday, 10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM-12:00 noon
Thursday, 10:00 AM-4:30 PM
Friday-Saturday, nothing

All are in Room 10 in the Courthouse Annex building at 118 East Figueroa
Street, Santa
Barbara. The trial will continue into next week.

~~ Ralph Fertig, President
~~ Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
~~ www.sbbike.org