Boysle Trial

Boysle Trial

Seven months after Jake Boysel was hit & killed while biking to school in
Santa Barbara, a trial will begin. The driver of the SUV that hit Jake,
Ernesto Botello, is charged by the County with vehicular manslaughter.

The County’s prosecuting attorney Ali Neufer said that jury selection
will begin on Tuesday, April 10th. It will continue on April 11th & if
completed in time, initial arguments will begin that day. She said that
it will take place in the courtroom of Judge Clifford Anderson, Room 10
in the Courthouse Annex building at 118 East Figueroa Street, Santa
Barbara. The trial is expected to take several days & end the following

It was a lovely sunny morning on September 6, 2006 as 12-year old Jake
Boysel biked toward La Colina Junior High School for classes. He was
doing everything right, pedaling uphill in the Calle Real bikelane, but
he never made it to school. Hit from behind by Ernesto Botello, Jake was
thrown off his bike, hit the ground and never regained consciousness. His
shoes, backpack, and helmet were torn off. His mountain bike was broken
in two. Everybody mourned the tragic, senseless loss.

I have no idea how the trial will end, however I join others in hoping
that it will result in greater awareness of bicyclists, greater safety
for all, and justice for our community.

~~ Ralph Fertig, President
~~ Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition