Walking Wednesday at UCSB!

On Wednesday, May 23, our Walking Wednesday theme was UCSB sustainability. Lisa Stratton, director of ecosystem management, led a dynamic and engaging showcasing the truly remarkable restoration efforts around UCSB as part of the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER).

Our dedicated group walked the bluffs and around the UCSB lagoon, learning about Lisa and the CCBER’s biodiversity efforts: new bridges, over 1000 newly planted trees, and preserving the habitats of the many birds, fish, and invertebrates that call UCSB home! We’d like to thank Lisa for her wonderfully informative tour, and wish her luck in all of her endeavors!

Our next walk’s theme will be affordable housing, led by Dennis Thompson, Detty Peikert, and Don Olson on June 27. We hope to see you there!