Earth Day 2012

As in years before, Earth Day 2012 was a fun and feel-good event. We thank the many volunteers who made the COAST booth a success:
Sarah Grant, Deborah Schwartz, Chris Sobell, Suzanne Michaud, Courtney Dietz, Eric Kirsh , Diana Blanchard, as well as Alanna, Kaytee, Juan and one more UCSB student whose name we don’t know, further Caitlin Carlson, Alex Pujo, Greg Janee, Mark Bradley, Lee Moldaver, Tracey Singh, Mickey Flacks, Dick Axilrod, Ken Hough, Doris Phinney and Eva Inbar. A special thank-you to Kim Stanley who organized our helmet program both days. If we missed anyone, please let us know! We fitted 65 helmets and gave out lots of information about COAST. For more photos,visit our facebook page.