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Archive for 2012

Huge Win for the Eastside!

The City Council meeting on Sept. 18 was a big victory for COAST and the Eastside. The council has prioritized the Eastside for immediate improvements in lighting, pedestrian crossings, and sidewalk infills. They also authorized a long term plan that is neighborhood-comprehensive to improve the traffic and pedestrian walkways. The city will make immediate operational improvements, so residents will begin seeing improvements quickly. After the near-term “just-do-it” projects the neighborhood will participate in more comprehensive planning for larger projects that will require grant funding. Essentially, this will be a two-step process.

COAST got a lot of accolades from the mayor and various council members for our work in the Eastside and for engaging a population that normally does not participate.

A big thank you goes out to Project Director Caitlin Carlson, for her work in the Eastside and for putting together this video that was shown at last night’s meeting:

Thank you to Ana Rico, our organizer, for her tireless effort to engage Eastside residents, Cynthia White, principal of Cleveland School who came out and spoke, the McCune Foundation and the Fund for Santa Barbara who are funding our work in the Eastside, the Milpas Community Association, and the Neighborhood Advisory Council who partnered with us, and Cathy Murillo and Grant House who have championed our cause and all of the council members who voted for this – unanimously!

Other neighborhoods such as the Mesa will soon follow. This as the turning point where neighborhoods and people on foot and on bikes will once more get the attention they deserve!

A Great Friend to COAST: Naomi Schwartz

Naomi grew up in New York City and lived in the Midwest and New England before moving to Santa Barbara in 1967 where she raised her four children. The 1969 oil spill propelled her into the political arena. Naomi worked for State Senator Gary Hart and was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the California Coastal Commission. In 1992 she was elected County supervisor and served three terms. After retiring in 2004 she became the Executive Director of the Gildea Foundation and served on the Dean’s Council of the Bren School.

Ms. Schwartz was Chair of the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) in 1993 when Caltrans presented plans to widen Highway 101 south of Milpas Street with a standard design that would have transformed this scenic corridor into a barren, concrete channel. Ms. Schwartz convinced her reluctant colleagues at SBCAG to conduct an in-depth traffic analysis of the corridor and to establish an advisory “Highway 101 Task Force”.

From this process emerged a series of “Operational Improvements” (most completed, some currently under construction) to add a third freeway lane at the most congested locations and to enhance local circulation (including alternative modes of transportation) as a way to reduce trips on the mainline. At Naomi’s encouragement, a whole new set of design guidelines were established by the County and the City of Santa Barbara to guide the aesthetics of all future highway improvements.

During her three terms on the County Board of Supervisors, Naomi Schwartz was a knowledgeable and determined advocate for sustainable transportation. Ms. Schwartzchanged the way projects were planned and funded by dramatically improving public participation in processes previously controlled by Public Works directors. During her tenure transportation policies changed in fundamental ways, from moving only cars to the creation of a system that includes rail, bus, walking and biking. She spoke about the need for sustainable, local transportation at one of COAST’s past events:

In 2009 COAST recognized Naomi Schwartz with the Barry Siegel Award. Naomi’s daughter Deborah Schwartz joined the board of directors of COAST in 2012. Supervisor Naomi Schwartz passed away on the morning of June 4 at Cottage Hospital due to a massive systemic infection following emergency surgery.

Naomi was a great friend to COAST, and we will always be grateful for her contributions to make Santa Barbara a better place to live and get around. We will be paying tribute to her at COAST’s upcoming Fall Gathering. Our thoughts are with her and her family in these difficult times.

August Walking Wednesday: Safe Passage in Mission Canyon

Last night’s Walking Wednesday tour was one of our best yet, drawing a crowd of 40 people who wanted to learn more about the Mission area and what can be done to hopefully make Mission Canyon a safe passage for all.

COAST would like to thank the Concerned Citizens for Safe Passage for leading such an enjoyable, informative walk. If you would like to find out more about Safe Passage and the work they’ve been doing, click here.

Our next and final walk will be on September 26 with Dennis Allen of Allen and Associates. We hope you can make it!

Fund for Santa Barbara Awards Eastside Walks Multi-Year Grant

On Wednesday June 7, the Fund for Santa Barbara awarded COAST a multi-year grant to continue our Eastside Walks project, and to expand our advocacy for pedestrian safety to Old Town Goleta. Project Director Caitlin Carlson and Organizer Ana Rico (with baby Alicia in tow!) spoke at the Fund’s Spring Grant Awards Party on behalf of COAST and the Eastside Walks staff (including Eva Inbar and Lili Muñoz) who work very hard on this project. This multi-year grant for 3 years will allow Eastside Walks to expand our advocacy for reliable public transportation in addition to pedestrian safety, in addition to organizing in Goleta.

We’d like to thank the Fund for Santa Barbara for allowing us to continue our work to advocate for safe and reliable public transportation throughout the Santa Barbara area! For more info, visit our Eastside Walks page, or come to our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 10am.

Next Tuesday, June 12 we will be walking with neighbors on Salinas to bring attention to the unsafe walking conditions along Salinas St. and the Old Coast Highway. We will meet outside of El Sitio at 10am on June 12. Come meet your neighbors and help us improve your neighborhood!

COAST would also like to thank the McCune Foundation for also supporting not only this project, but our ASERT project which advocates for equitable and reliable transportation in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.