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Walking Wednesdays

NEXT WALK:  June 22 – Join us in the Spring 2011 for Walking Wednesdays!

FREE and open to ALL – 4th Wednesday of the month during Daylight Savings

What Is It?

The walks are a leisurely hour and a half, each month featuring a different theme, location and guest leader. The benefits are varied: exercise, learning about and enjoying our community, and appreciating the slower pace that walking affords us.

Previous walks include:

  • Jeff Shelton’s Architecture –  featuring his whimsical creations to include Cota Street Studios, El Andaluz and the Ablitt’s Tower.
  • Trees of the Santa Barbara Skyline – from the history of the Moreton Bay Fig at the Train Station to the difference between a fan palm and feather palm.
  • Everyday Art – the stories behind the hidden and not so hidden public art that can be found throughout downtown Santa Barbara on prominent corners and in winding paseos.
  • Architecture of the Eastside/Upper State Street Neighborhoods – from French Norman to Dutch Colonial to Spanish Revival, participants sharpen their architecture knowledge and learn details to look for when appreciating the various styles.
  • Mission Creek: Floods to Fish – to better understand how an urban creek functions both for flood protection and fish passage of the endangered steelhead trout.

What People Are Saying:
“I have lived here for 50 years and am just now really appreciating the beauty of this town.”
“The walks are both fun and educational.”
“Great idea and great company as well as great information.”
“I’m definitely coming back next month!”

Highway 101 Widening

What if the next phases of Caltrans’ Highway 101 widening involved the removal of most of the landscape between Hot Springs and Sheffield Drive? What if freeway lanes, sound walls and median dividers kept growing, but state and local funds for aesthetics and landscaping disappeared? What if our coastal highway became a LA-style concrete channel?

Proposed (1993):  Highway 101 at Olive Mill Road as seen from overpass

Impossible? Don’t be so sure.

Click here for more information and what you can do to get involved.

COAST Thanked by Mayor Schneider

COAST is recognized by the City of Santa Barbara for its achievements in collaborating on environmental initiatives that help keep Santa Babara an environmental leader. Letter from Mayor Schneider [PDF]

Fall Gathering a Lovely Event

Lit by candles and white lights and accented by the sound of the trickling fountain in the brick courtyard of the Inn of the Spanish Garden, COAST’s Fall Gathering 2010 was a delightful event.   Though awarded in absentia due to his world travels, we honored Ralph Fertig of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition with the Barry Siegel Award for his longstanding work towards making our community safer and easier for bicyclists of all ages.  Wilson Hubbell accepted the award on Ralph’s behalf and had prepared a witty few words reflecting on Ralph’s outstanding character and persistence in his advocacy.

Thank you to our sponsors: Inn of the Spanish Garden, Omni Fresco Catering, New Belgium Brewery, Santa Barbara Winery, and Cesar Vazquez Photography.

Also thank you to Cass Ensberg, of Ensberg Jacobs Design for her creative invite design and to Arelhy Arroyo for her help with designing project materials

More photos from the event here.