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Archive for September, 2006

Adventures in Phone Banking pt.2

This afternoon, I worked a shift at the Measure D phone bank. Our current digs at Egenolf’s law offices are very posh, and the training, provided by our handsome new coordinator, Ben, was as thorough as anyone could want. The people who actually picked up the phone were surprisingly nice. I think I actually persuaded a few. My most memorable call was to a woman named Mildred, whose age was listed as “02.” This turned out to be 102. She told me right away that she was completely deaf, but we had a nice chat anyway.
About half way through the shift, Alex Pujo stopped by and brought us some lemonade. This was greeted with great joy.
So even if you have just an hour to spare, come on down and help us out. It isn’t as hard as you might think.
Where: Egenolf Law Offices, 130 E. Carillo St. (corner of Santa Barbara Street) upstairs.
When: Monday thru Thursday, 5:30 to 8:30 PM, Sunday 3-7 PM.

See you there,

Informational Meeting: “Yes on D”

Monday, October 9th at 7pm

Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library

Informational discussion with panel of prominent city residents and employee including Mayor Blum, David Landecker of the County Steering Committee for Yes on Measure D and Jim Kemp who is the Executive Director, Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG)

Please join us for a great opportunity to learn more about this initiative; what projects will be funded with its passing and what is at stake if it fails at the polls

Admission is free

Discussion is co-sponsored by COAST and SB CAN

Jake Boysel Memorial Ride Saturday

Memorial Ride ended at De la Guerra Plaza

This morning’s Memorial Ride for Jake provided an outpouring of sympathy from our bicycling community to the family of Jake Boysel who was killed while biking to school. Over 100 bicyclists formed a half-mile stream along Calle Real and State Street, filling the lane in Downtown Santa Barbara.

Jake Boysel’s family attended and was moved by this expression of sympathy from their community. The ride ended in De la Guerra Plaza where County Supervisor Susan Rose, City Councilmember Helene Schneider, and COAST representative Eva Inbar spoke for greater efforts to make sure all children are safer walking and biking to school.

More evidence of everybody’s concern over this sad loss is that our web site has had over 1000 visitors in the past 5 days — more than double our record weekly total. People care, they are disturbed, they are looking for safer conditions. Today’s ride wasn’t the end of action, it is the beginning of a challenge to us all to energize our collective abilities and make sure that this tragedy will not happen again. We can, indeed we must make it so.

~~ Ralph Fertig, President
~~ Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

“Jake’s death demonstrates the tragedy that follows careless and aggressive use of the roads and may sober some folks up on their own behavior, but what a price to pay to accomplish this.”

Curtis Ridling

Indy Editorial Rebuttal

Letter writer Gloria Hebert argues that a $3.45 gallon of gas pays 60 cents in taxes for roads and transit, and “Sacramento is swimming in cash for transportation”. If it was only true! When gas was under $2 fifteen years ago we already paid 60 cents in taxes, and when the gallon reaches $5 in a not-so-distant future we will still be paying 60 cents regardless of fuel cost or inflation.

The truth is that fuel taxes, which are fixed, no longer pay their way for transportation needs and they have not done so for at least 20 years. That is why 18 counties in California supplement transportation funding with sales taxes. Santa Barbara County has been doing so since 1989 with Measure D, which will be on the November ballot for renewal.

The commuter nightmare south of town is a daily reminder that we need to fund the “101-In-Motion Plan” agreed to by the community and its elected leaders. It is a balanced and far-reaching plan to address congestion by increasing road, rail and transit capacity in a sustainable way: for our present needs and those of our children.

Roads, streets and sidewalks have maintenance needs that are paid for with Measure D. These needs are not going away. The carnage on our streets reminds us that, sadly, Safe Routes to School are not.

Measure D is a local tax for local use. If you want to experience life without Measure D you need to go no further than Ventura or San Luis Obispo, two counties that do not have this tax.

We cannot rely on Caltrans or the State. Measure D will provide matching funds to access State bonds and Federal programs. We have a choice: to complain about things that need doing, or to put our money where our collective mouth is.

-Alex Pujo, Secretary COAST